Driving innovation: regional Aerospace Cluster launches groundbreaking Action Program in Zuid-Holland


On Monday, May 22, 2023, the Aerospace Delta Agenda 2030 was launched in NEXT Delft, with over 100 representatives from the regional aerospace cluster in attendance. This agenda, developed through comprehensive discussions with key stakeholders, serves as a collaborative action plan, with a particular emphasis on promoting sustainable aviation and fostering the long-term growth of the regional space and drone industry. During the event, the agenda was presented by Jan Terlingen as a representative from the cluster to  Jeannette Baljeu, the regional minister of the Province of Zuid-Holland.

Aerospace Delta Agenda

In collaboration with representatives from the aerospace sector, including knowledge institutions, the aviation manufacturing industry, airport technology and service providers, the space upstream and downstream industries, as well as the drone industry and government bodies, InnovationQuarter developed the agenda. This comprehensive roadmap serves as a regional guide to further strengthen the sector, promote competitiveness, facilitate sustainable growth, and address the specific needs of the aerospace industry. Moreover, it acts as a catalyst for collective action in addressing key societal challenges through the implementation of joint innovation projects.

The agenda provides a comprehensive overview of the Aerospace Delta innovation ecosystem, which encompasses over 260 organizations, six distinct subclusters, and multiple renowned knowledge and educational institutes. By leveraging Zuid-Holland’s primary markets and areas of expertise, the Aerospace Delta agenda fosters collaborative efforts that contribute to addressing significant societal challenges faced by the space, aviation and drone sectors.

Concrete actions for regional advancement

To enhance regional collaboration and strengthen the position of the Zuid-Holland aerospace cluster in international value chains and programs, the creation of a new regional identity and brand, the Aerospace Delta, has been undertaken. Additionally, a total of 22 innovation projects have been meticulously formulated in collaboration with the industry, field labs, and knowledge institutions within the region. These projects are organized into five integrated programs: Sustainable Aviation, Automation & Digital Technology, Advanced Composite Materials, Space-for-Earth, and Aerospace Delta Cluster Development. The cluster representatives are eagerly focused on initiating and successfully executing these 22 projects by 2030, aiming to drive tangible progress and regional advancement.

Engaging Conversations

During the event, two enlightening panel discussions took place, focusing on sustainability and the digital economy in the aerospace industry. The panels included representatives from the Zuid-Holland Aerospace ecosystem and featured Alexander Gunkel from Space4Good and Stephen Hands from Conscious Aerospace. They emphasized the significance of fostering a cooperative regional ecosystem in order to effectively address climate issues through aerospace initiatives. Gus van der Feltz from FSO Instruments and Jeroen Rotteveel from ISISpace shared valuable perspectives on the space and satellite systems under development in the area, discussing the various challenges encountered by the sector.

After the panels, Jeannette Baljeu, the regional minister of the Province of Zuid-Holland, engaged with the audience, delivering concise answers to their questions, expressing the importance of the aerospace sector for the region.

It is very important that the Aerospace Delta innovation ecosystem in Zuid-Holland continues to develop in the coming years. This new Aerospace Delta Agenda 2030 brings focus to the joint challenges, programs and possible projects; also it will help the industry by contributing to sustainability and digital economy. Let’s do that together!

Following the event, the attendees had the opportunity to extend their heartfelt wishes to Bert Klarus, Senior Business Developer Aerospace at InnovationQuarter and the visionary behind the inaugural Aerospace Agenda in 2016. Recognizing his unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions to the regional aerospace cluster, they bid him farewell on his well-deserved retirement, expressing gratitude for his significant role in driving the cluster’s progress.

Please feel free to reach out to Jan Terlingen if you have any inquiries about the Aerospace Delta Agenda 2030, the projects mentioned in the agenda, or if you have a new innovative project idea related to the field of aerospace.

Source: InnovationQuarter